Festool CTM 36 E AC CLEANTEC Absaugmobil 36l Staubkl.



With the Festool brand suction mobile you have the advantage: no more filters added, because the automatic cleaning of the main filter Autoclean (AC) keeps the filter free and guarantees a constant high suction power. The Cleantec CTM 36 AC with a tank volume of 36 liters offers a lot of volume and flexibility thanks to its generous geometry. Equipped with swivel casters and rear wheels for ideal mobility. A parking brake ensures good stability on all surfaces and during transport. The flat filter fully integrated into the head of the vacuum cleaner: the raw volume of the tank and the net volume are almost identical. The extremely compact high-performance turbine offers the right suction power: 3900 litres per minute, as nothing remains apart from clean air. It is approved for Class M dust.
Technical features:
Maximum load: Flow rate: 3,900 l/min max. Depression: 24,000 Pa. Filter surface: 6,400 cm². Cable connection to the network, rubber insulated: 7.5 mMax. Tank capacity: 36/34 l.
Maximum load: Connection power: 2400 W, Dimensions (L x W x H): 600 x 390 x 730 mm, Absorbed power: 350 – 1200 W, Weight: 18.5 kg.

For commercial use, please follow the construction rules

– 1 x Festool CTM 36 E AC CLEANTEC vacuum cleaner (574983) – New version of (584035).
– 1 x high-performance main filter.
– 1 x Selfclean filter bag.
– 1 x Disposal Bag
– 1 smooth suction hose with a diameter of 27/32 x 3.5 m AS/CT
– 1 x intake manifold closure cover.
– 1 x hose pot.
– 1 SYS docking station with T-LOC function.
– 1 x D 36 HR-K AS curved manual tube
– 1 x D 36 BD 300 floor brush.
– 3 D 36 VR-K AS extension tubes
– 1 x D 36 FD-300 flat suction cup
– 1 x D 36 SP suction brush.
– 1 x Systainer SYS3 M 137.


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